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About the Co-founder and Lead Photographer of Wedding Studio.

Ali Panahi

founder & creative director

Meet Ali Panahi, the co-founder of Wedding Studio, a name synonymous with captivating memories. With an extensive photography journey dating back to 1995, I’ve woven stories through the lens of various photography and videography styles.

My artistic voyage led me to an art school where I delved into the realms of photography and graphic design, followed by university studies solely dedicated to the craft. The path to professionalism took shape as a cinema photographer on vibrant movie sets. I’ve also contributed my visual flair to two distinguished weekly newspapers and magazines in the heart of the Middle East.

Embracing the allure of Europe, I ventured through seven countries, capturing the essence of each culture through travel photography. Eventually, I found my haven in Switzerland, where I resided for four enriching years, honing my skills as a freelance photographer.

In 2003, the captivating charm of Melbourne, Victoria, beckoned, and there I laid the cornerstone of Wedding Studio. Specialising in wedding photography and videography, we craft timeless tales of love and celebration.

My passion for the energy and spontaneity of live events fuels my dedication to wedding photography. The blend of photojournalistic expertise and experiences from my travels equips me with impeccable people skills, essential for orchestrating the symphony of a wedding day.

Feel free to reach out and engage in a conversation about your wedding photography and videography aspirations. Let me guide you in curating the perfect package, tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your special day is etched in hearts and pixels alike. 

Allow me to share insights and suggestions for both the wedding day and reception, because capturing moments goes beyond just clicking a shutter—it’s about weaving dreams into reality

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