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About the Co-founder of Wedding Studio.

Ali Panahi

founder & creative director

My name is Ali Panahi the cofounder of Wedding Studio with an extensive photography experience in various photography and videography since 1995.

I study at art school in photography and graphic design subject and also graduate from university in photography. My professional work start as cinema photographer on the movie set, also I worked at 2 weekly newspaper and magazine in Middle East.

I have moved to Europe and done some travel photography in 7 European country and finally settled in Switzerland and lived there for 4 year and done freelance photography.

I entered Australia and settled in Melbourne Victoria in
2003 and soon after I started the Wedding Studio which specialised in wedding
photography and videography.

I always loved the buzz and excitement of live events
photography which happening on the fly, with years of photojournalistic skills and
all travel photography I have a good people skill to deal with crowd at weddings
and other events.

Please feel free to call and discuss your wedding photography and videography needs with me and I am more than happy help you to setup the best possible package and prices for your special wedding and also happy to give you tips and suggestion bout the wedding day and reception.