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If you are looking for the best and suitable venue for your wedding, you are not the only one.

Hundreds of newlyweds are on the same boat, Melbourne in Australia is a culturally rich metropolis that has a little of something for everyone!

Whether you are after the cosy, luxury indoor wedding venues, the perfect beachfront wedding venue, an intimate garden wedding venue, or an elegant hotel wedding venue, Melbourne has it all!

There are some points that your chosen wedding venue has to tick these boxes.



The venue should be suitable in size to fit all of your guests comfortably and also a dance floor for all to enjoy the wedding party. Staff pay attention too details and assisting you or the other guest as soon as need it.



You have to check whether the wedding venue has ticked all cleanness boxes or not. Always check the toilets, Yes toilets. These little details will give some idea of how the venue management and staff care about their guests and how thoughtful they are.



By checking the food, you need to make sure that they use a qualified and skilled cook. All ingredients must be freshly supplied for the wedding dinner and not to be bulk supplied and prepared. Always have 2 main course meal and make sure the reception will provide your wedding cake to your guest before they finish their dessert.



It is always best if you could use the venue gardens, gazebo, mini lake, water fountain and such. Some great venue in Melbourne have a few or many different sections in their property for those who don’t like to travel distance for bride and groom photoshoot.

 We can name a few of the venue which tick most boxes as a suitable for all purpose wedding day, to name a few Chateau Wyuna, Bramleigh Estate, Lyrebird Falls and more… .

You are more than welcome to share your experience here which can help our future brides and grooms to find their suitable wedding venue.

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