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Vintage or Rustic Wedding Photography & Video

Photography has become an essential part of many wedding traditions in Melbourne. It is used as a memory journal for the bride and groom. Wedding Studio Photographers play a tremendous role in representing your wedding to friends and family. Choosing Wedding Studio for your photography location is quite difficult since there are many variations of aesthetics possible. Wedding Studio photographers and videographers specialize in certain places or types of weddings. A rustic wedding photography looks authentic and exquisite with natural elements. A vintage wedding photography tends to have old-fashioned or antiquated styles that are inspired by the past.

 There are many types of wedding photography locations in Melbourne for a vintage or rustic theme. Many parks and gardens have magnificent scenery to photograph your wedding across Melbourne, Victoria. You can also have your photo shoot at a boat, beach, castle, church, country kitchen or even an old car. The vintage look gives your photos an elegant feel that perfectly suits the romantic nature of weddings. A rustic wedding photographer will help you create an authentic look for your special day with natural elements such as wood and stone textures. Wedding Studio will help you create an elegant look for your wedding photography with antique accessories, furniture and fabric designs from yesteryear.

Most traditional weddings nowadays take place at churches where they were once married in by their families or religious leaders. However, there are also couples who choose to have their photo shoot at a park or beach where they feel comfortable and relaxed doing so. There is no right or wrong choice— it depends on the couple’s preferences, venue requirements and personal style preferences . A rustic or vintage photographer can help you choose a suitable location since this will affect the overall aesthetic of your photographs. In addition, choosing the right location will enhance your photos’ “authenticity” factor since it matches the theme of your wedding perfectly . Your photographs will appear more genuine if you choose to have your photo shoot at a place that matches your theme— this is called “setting” in photography jargon .

A vintage photographer will also help you bring back memories from the past by choosing old-fashioned accessories such as china plates, cutlery or even family heirlooms for use in photos . She can also use rich fabrics such as brocade and velvet for an elegant yet relaxed feel for your photos . In addition, she can accentuate the golden hour atmosphere by using warm lighting on her subjects using flash equipment— all these simple yet effective tricks will make your photos appear more vintage and elegant . Photography was not as sophisticated and advanced when previous generations were married; so older photographs may feature simpler times compared with present-day weddings conventions .

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